Bucs Nation

MY BOYS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! Yes! My Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to the Super Bowl. After years of sh*t-talking to actual playoff contenders every year telling them this year would be different, I finally got to see my boys win a playoff game and I actually have the chance to seeContinue reading “Bucs Nation”

Hold On

Memorial Day weekend brings a heightened level of reflection for me. While everyone is thinking about the cookouts, the beach, that extra day off, or our fallen soldiers, I am thinking about where I am and where I have been. I also think about the extra day off (I won’t even lie to you) andContinue reading “Hold On”

I Blew My Back Out

I’m going to be candid with you all. Last week, I had a blah day, blah turned to tiring, tiring turned to disappointing, and then disappointing to miserable. I woke up like any other morning, thank you to the powers that be, but I was just groggy. My eyes heavy. My feet dragging. My armsContinue reading “I Blew My Back Out”

Feminine Energy

In the last year, I have tried to focus on a more positive impact in the community and to step outside my comfort zone. I call myself an extroverted introvert or its an introverted extrovert, we’ll just say I’m an ambivert. If you do not know me, I can be reserved, but it could dependContinue reading “Feminine Energy”

You’re Au-Some Kid!

April is a month that is dear to me. No, my birthday isn’t in April, but a couple important people have birthdays in April. I don’t have an anniversary in April or a very special day in particular. However, April 25th is the perfect date. It’s not too hot, not too cold, all you needContinue reading “You’re Au-Some Kid!”

Together We Are Strong

Without a doubt this a stressful and trying time. People are sick, worried and scared. They are losing loved ones, jobs, and for some, their sanity. They are missing out on milestones and moments they waited so long for: Proms, Graduations, Baby Showers, House Warmings, Birthdays and Weddings. Travel is limited and family and friendsContinue reading “Together We Are Strong”

Thank You

This is an open letter to my body. I have and still struggle with self-image and body postivity as many do. It is something that I work on every day. Directed, shot and edited by the talented Brandon Jones, this is Thank you. For information on Brandon Jones and his work, check out orContinue reading “Thank You”

Comparison is the Thief of Joy….and the Bitch Gets Us Every Time!

In school, most, if not all of us, learned about Venn Diagrams. The whole point was to compare and contrast two people, places or things. I’ve kept a mental deconstructed version of a Venn Diagram in my head for years. A list of similarities and differences, within that list, an additional list of pros andContinue reading “Comparison is the Thief of Joy….and the Bitch Gets Us Every Time!”

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