Joaunte N Knight

Joaunte (zho aant a), you say the Jo like your saying bonjour. All fancy and what not. My dad lied to me and told me my name was French for beautiful. However, I grew up mostly in the digital age and I learned to look it up to find he was lying. I don’t remember if it was on Ask Jeeves, Yahoo or Dogpile that I searched but I found it was a lie nonetheless. I wonder if those search engines told you my age. Please note, I still enjoyed being outside with friends, playing sports, just hanging, drinking water from the hose because my parents wouldn’t let me come in the house smelling like outside.

What can I tell you about me? You’ll learn a lot just from reading. I realize this is a shot in the dark because people don’t like to read anymore. I am one of the most picky readers out there. Yet, I needed an outlet. I needed a project. I just needed something while I’m in this state of limbo, which is why you can read this. I’m not a writer. I just have things that I want to say and I don’t have the confidence to do it through a podcast, as I hate the sound of my voice, nor a video, as I struggle with seeing myself on screen…we’ll get into that.


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